Moog EP2 expression pedal

The EP2 is a cheap expression pedal from Moog Music. It went out of production at some point between 2012-06-02 and 2015-02-12. A few things the product page did not tell you (when there was one) :

The pedal is more a less a pot with a 1/4" TRS jack plug. The tip is the wiper, the sleeve is the heel end and the ring is the toe end. (According to "Atom smasher", this is the Roland/Oberheim type, as opposed to Kawai/Yamaha, which is wiper to ring.)

It comes with a one-page manual which doesn't seem to be available online. Here's a scan. The meat of it is this :

Excerpt from the manual

The main pot is a 100 kΩ linear with a 6 mm D shaft. The shaft is about 18 mm long from the end of the bushing. The attenuator is also a 100 kΩ linear pot but with a 9-mm long splined shaft :

Attenuator front view Attenuator side view Attenuator back view

The innards, in heel position :

Inside view in heel position

In toe position :

Inside view in toe position

In use

The action is not the smoothest. It sticks and slips.

The footplate and base are joined by an M6 × 65 mm machine screw and locking nut. The tighter the nut, the greater the friction. My first thought was that it needed a little oil or grease but it was lubricated already. There isn't much room for loosening the nut either because the screw is just long enough and that type of nut is difficult to screw on lock first. Swapping it for a DIN 985 / Nylstop-type solves that.

Original & replacement nuts

With the nut completely loose, new problems pop up :

It would be nice if there was a setting at which there is enough friction to hold the footplate still but not enough to make it stick. I haven't been able to find it. The friction is too uneven.

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