oricfd - access Oric floppies

readoricfd can read Oric floppies on Unix. It requires Fdutils and a 82077-compatible FDC like is found on PCs. It was tested on Linux ; it might work on other unices too.

The current version is a stopgap. It will be rewritten. Excerpt from the source :

  readoricfd --help
  readoricfd [-d num] [-h num]

  Reads an entire Oric floppy sector by sector and dumps its
  contents to stdout.

  Note that, unlike readdsk, this program dumps floppies in
  normal (cylinder, head, sector) order. Because of this, the
  images produced by this program can't be used directly by
  Euphoric. Euphoric expects (head, cylinder, sector) order.

  If an error occurs, readoricfd exits with a non-zero code
  and leaves behind a file named readoricfd.<pid>.res whose
  content may help to diagnose the cause of the error.

  readoricfd is work in progress.

    Print a short usage message and exit successfully.

  -d num
    Use drive number num and device /dev/fdnum. The
    default is to use drive 0 and /dev/fd0.

  -h num
    Number of heads (1 or 2). The default is 1.

  This is a quick and dirty hack.

  After it terminates, leaves the floppy device in a state
  unsuitable for reading "normal" floppies.

  Read errors cause the program to abort. Should retry.

  Should be able to save in twisted format.

  Linux on a PC. Might work with other platforms if they have
  a 82077-compatible FDC and Fdutils <URL:http://fdutils.linux.lu/>.

  Copyright André Majorel 2000. Distributed under the terms
  of the GPL. Absolutely no warranty.

To read Sedoric disks, edit the source and change $CYLS to 40 and $SECTORS to 16. Or something like that.


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http://www.teaser.fr/~amajorel/oricfd/ last modified AYM 2000-10-24