orictoppm - convert an Oric video RAM dump into a portable pixmap


orictoppm reads one or more files supposed to contain dumps of an Oric video RAM and, for each input file, writes a file containing the corresponding 240×200 or 240×224 image, in packed ppm format.

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All Unix-like platforms, such as Linux. In fact just about any platform, as long as unistd.h and getopt() are present. For example, DOS/Windows with DJGPP or Cygwin should work.


The output of :

  orictoppm -m top -s 26 wimpyscr.tap
Mr. Wimpy
  orictoppm -m top   -s 503     3dfongus.tap 
  orictoppm -m top   -s 4888 -c aigle.tap
  orictoppm -m hires            andy_green.dmp
  orictoppm -m text             boot.dmp
  orictoppm -m top   -s 432     caspak.ta1
  orictoppm -m top   -s 787     chopper.tap 
  orictoppm -m top   -s 1301    damsel.tap
  orictoppm -m text  -s 654     defence.tap
  orictoppm -m hires            galaxian.dmp
  orictoppm -m top   -s 360     hellion.tap
  orictoppm -m top   -s 533     hunchbck.tap
  orictoppm -m text  -s 1166    ijkchess.tap 
  orictoppm -m top   -s 2529    karate.tap
  orictoppm -m top   -s 2262    krillys.tap 
  orictoppm -m top   -s 2585    lancel.tap 
  orictoppm -m top   -s 182     land-ill.tap 
  orictoppm -m text             magnetix1.dmp
  orictoppm -m text             magnetix2.dmp
  orictoppm -m text             ratsplat1.dmp
  orictoppm -m text             ratsplat2.dmp
  orictoppm -m text             ratsplat3.dmp
  orictoppm -m top   -s 26      wimpyscr.tap
  orictoppm -m top   -s 5658    zamcop.ta1
  orictoppm -m hires            zorgon.dmp


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orictoppm is copyright © André Majorel 2001.

orictoppm is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

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