Patches for Battle for Wesnoth

1. Features

1.1 Invulnerability cheat

With this patch, the wesnoth binary honours the following environment variables :

Value is interpreted as a list of side numbers separated by white space or commas. All units on any of the specified sides are unkillable.
Value is interpreted as a team name. All units on the specified team are unkillable.

"Unkillable" means that the hit points of the unit never drop below 1, no matter how much damage it takes.

For example, to start the game with units from teams "One", 2 and 4 unkillable :


Notes :

1.2. Local Player -> Computer Player

For Multiplayer -> Local Game, this patch changes the default for the second and subsequent players from "Local Player" to "Computer player" as it used to be in Battle for Wesnoth 1.2.

1.3. Fast keyboard scroll

[home], [end], [pu] and [pd] scroll 10 times as fast as [left], [right], [up] and [down] respectively.

Alternative names for [pu] and [pd] : page up, page-up, pgup, page down, page-down, pgdn.

2. Download

BfW version Feature Download
1.2.8 Invulnerability cheat wesnoth-1.2.8-aym1.diff
1.4.4 Invulnerability cheat wesnoth-1.4.4-aym1.diff
Local Player -> Computer Player wesnoth-1.4.4-aym2.diff
1.8.2 Invulnerability cheat wesnoth-1.8.2-aym1.diff
Local Player -> Computer Player
Fast keyboard scroll wesnoth-1.8.2-fast-kbd-scroll.diff

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