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Site last updated December 4th 2006

Introduction :

A Python 1.4 version was made available some time ago on IBM's pages. So it was now a good time to restart and maintain more recent versions of Python language for OS390 / ZOS ibm mainframes machine targets. The only difficulties of the port on this platform can be summarized in some classical EBCDIC / ASCII pitfalls + some 'natural' IBM C++ native compiler's idiosynchrasies. Provided build for mainframe offers the same simplicity as the original unix ;  I tuned the autoconf/ stuff in order to provide an easyway to install and build out of the box using a simple configure/make commands pair.

I finally decided to directly jump to the 2.4.1 and bypass the 2.3 version. So this new port for MVS/OS390/ZOS EBCDIC platform is now available containing at least all the non graphical features and libraries of the language including support of DLLs and PTHREADs. 

OS390 Python Site Map :

* Downloads and Install informations topics.
* Description of OS390 python porting problems and provided solutions .
*What's new.
*TODO list and reminding known issues.

For the impatients :

Last available tarball link 2.4.1 binary+source

drop date

remarks and comments


October 5th 2005

binary(OS/390V2R10 built) + sources in EBCDIC native format use gunzip/tar to unpack on MVS/Z


April 23rd 2005

Source only package in ISO8859-1 format use gunzip/pax to unpack on MVS/Z

MVS source tarball python 2.2.1

drop date

remarks and comments


October 17th 2004

XPLINK,DLL and dynamic loading support added in configure

More to come

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